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Dog Sitting Services

A Bonded and Insured Company

Fees Begin at $28.00

Care Visit time last up to 1.5 hours

Dog Sitting


Dog Walks

Angus and Beau

 Mid Day Care

Sony and Cher

Evening Care

Buster and Chiquita

Leilani's Best Friends Pet Sitting is a small pet sitting service. Our general service areas are Novato, 

Marinwood, Lucas Valley, and San Rafael. We provide an honest and reliable service and we believe that a quality pet sitting service is essential for our busy Central and Northern Marin residents.

  • Dog sitting visits take place daily as scheduled by client.  For your convenience, we come to your home.
  • We enter and depart your home in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Text messages and picture updates provided.

      Our dog sitting visits are provided during the day, but can also be scheduled in the evening.  This service is available for clients that need care for their dog at some time during the day, or evening.  Our dog sitting service provides food, fresh water, and companionship.


     In addition to our dog sitting visits, we include a twenty to thirty-minute walk that takes place near your home.  Dog walks are available for dog families ranging in size from 1 to 3 dogs. (Dogs must walk well together and be current on all vaccinations)


Fees Begin at $25.00

     If you only need a walk for your dog we are happy to schedule a 30 to 45-minute walk for your dog.  We inquire about your dogs sociability when meeting and greeting new dogs and we will adjust your dog's walk according to their disposition.  We require all dogs to be current on their vaccinations.


      Please let us know if you have a dog that needs additional care due to age, or for medical reasons.  We can discuss details and how to proceed.  Some additional charges may apply.    

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